2021 Films Seen Chronologically

2021 Films Alphabetically | 2021 Films By Grade | Personal Ballot for 2021

??/??/2019 17 Blocks: B

10/??/2019 Adam: B
10/??/2019 The Orphanage: A-*
10/14/2020 Undine: B-
10/17/2020 Charlatan: C+
10/17/2020 Summer of 85: C
10/21/2020 Gaza Mon Amour: C+
10/26/2020 Little Girl: B
10/27/2020 MLK/FBI: B+
10/27/2020 Notturno: A-*

11/23/2020 Ema: B
1/28/2021 My Little Sister: B
1/29/2021 This is Not a Burial, It’s a Resurrection: A-*

2/17/2021 Days: A-*
2/21/2021 Judas and the Black Messiah: C+

3/1/2021 United States vs Billie Holiday: B-
3/4/2021 Quo Vadis, Aida?: A-*
3/5/2021 Night of the Kings: B
3/18/2021 Saint Maud: B*
3/19/2021 Rocks: B

4/??/2021 The Killing of Two Lovers: B+*
4/??/2021 Preparations to be Together for an Unknown Period of Time: B
4/16/2021 Sweat: A-
4/29/2021 Atlantis: A-

5/3/2021 The Mitchells vs the Machines: B-

6/3/2021 The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It: C
6/21/2021 Censor: B+*
6/25/2021 Luca: C-

7/9/2021 No Sudden Move: B-
7/14/2021 Fear Street 1994: C
7/15/2021 Fear Street 1978: C
7/25/2021 Pig: C+
7/28/2021 In The Heights: C

8/23/2021 The Suicide Squad: C+
8/31/2021 The Green Knight: C

9/2/2021 Zola: A-*
9/3/2021 Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar: B*
9/??/2021 Willy’s Wonderland: D
9/17/2021 Candyman: C-
9/18/2021 Malignant: B+*
9/20/2021 The Power of the Dog: B+
9/26/2021 Old: C

10/1/2021 Titane: B+*
10/10/2021 What We Left Unfinished: A-
10/10/2021 Reminiscence: C+
10/11/2021 The World to Come: C
10/15/2021 The Night House: B*
10/15/2021 CODA: D+
10/19/2021 Mass: B
10/22/2021 Test Pattern: B
10/25/2021 The Card Counter: D
10/26/2021 The Disciple: A-
10/26/2021 Dune: B+*

11/1/2021 Bergman Island: C
11/2/2021 The French Dispatch: B
11/3/2021 Last Night in Soho: C
11/3/2021 Passing: B+*
11/5/2021 Spencer: B-
11/6/2021 Paper Spiders: B-
11/6/2021 Summer of Soul: B-
11/8/2021 Language Lessons: C+
11/8/2021 The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain: D+
11/8/2021 The Velvet Underground: B
11/13/2021 The Woman in the Window: D+
11/15/2021 Shadow in the Cloud: B*
11/18/2021 Identifying Features: B+
11/21/2021 Faya Dayi: B
11/22/2021 Ascension: B+*
11/22/2021 The Nowhere Inn: C-
11/26/2021 The Nine Kittens of Christmas: –
11/29/2021 Wild Indian: C
11/29/2021 The Metamorphosis of Birds: B+
11/30/2021 Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy: B+*

12/1/2021 Procession: B
12/4/2021 In the Earth: B
12/4/2021 C’mon C’mon: A-*
12/5/2021 No Time to Die: C
12/5/2021 Nightbooks: B-
12/5/2021 Benedetta: B
12/6/2021 And Tomorrow the Entire World: —
12/6/2021 The Lost Daughter: A-*
12/6/2021 Parallel Mothers: B/B+*
12/9/2021 Bo Burnham: Inside: B
12/10/2021 tick tick Boom!: B-
12/11/2021 Dear Evan Hansen: D-
12/12/2021 No Ordinary Man: B+*
12/12/2021 West Side Story: B*
12/15/2021 State Funeral: B
12/15/2021 King Richard: B*
12/17/2021 Belfast: C-
12/18/2021 Prayers for the Stolen: A-
12/18/2021 The Eyes of Tammy Faye: C
12/19/2021 Drive My Car: B+*
12/28/2021 The Worst Person in the World: C+
12/29/2021 Memoria: B+

1/3/2022 Slow Machine: C+/B-
1/3/2022 Cliff Walkers: C+
1/3/2022 The Tragedy of Macbeth: B*
1/4/2022 Just Don’t Think I’ll Scream: C
1/4/2022 Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn: B+
1/4/2022 The First Wave: B
1/7/2022 A Hero: B-
1/8/2022 Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City: C-
1/8/2022 The Humans: B
1/9/2022 The Rescue: C
1/10/2022 Being the Ricardos: B-
1/12/2022 What Do We See When We Look at the Sky?: B+/A-*
1/12/2022 Venom: Let There Be Carnage: B
1/12/2022 Encanto: C+
1/12/2022 The Matrix: Resurrections: C
1/12/2022 Cyrano: B-
1/13/2022 I’m Your Man: B-
1/13/2022 Petite Maman: C
1/13/2022 Wife of a Spy: B
1/14/2022 Azor: B+
1/14/2022 Worth: B+
1/15/2022 Red Rocket: B-
1/15/2022 The Novice: B
1/19/2022 House of Gucci: D
1/20/2022 The Intruder: B
1/20/2022 The Last Duel: B-
1/23/2022 Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched: B+
1/24/2022 Moffie: B-
1/24/2022 Licorice Pizza: B+*
1/25/2022 Don’t Look Up: D+/C-
1/26/2022 Great Freedom: A-
1/30/2022 Wojnarowicz: Fuck You Faggot Fucker: B+
1/31/2022 Attica: B

2/11/2022 El Planeta: B-
2/11/2022 The Woman Who Ran: B
2/11/2022 Last and First Men: B/B+
2/11/2022 Nightmare Alley: C
2/15/2022 About Endlessness: B
2/15/2022 The Electrical Life of Louis Wain: C
2/21/2022 Raya and the Last Dragon: C-
2/22/2022 Holler: B+
2/26/2022 Boiling Point: B-

3/2/2022 Antlers: C-
3/6/2022 Flee: B
3/10/2022 Writing With Fire: B-
3/14/2022 Cruella: D+
3/20/2022 President: B+

Still to See: Beginning, Belle, Black Widow, Blue Bayou, Bruised, Cinderella, Coming 2 America, Compartment No. 6, A Cop Movie, The Courier, Cryptozoo, Dance of the Forty One, The Dig, Dogs, Encounter, Eternals, Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, Finch, Four Good Days, Free Guy, Gaia, Genus Pan, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Godzilla vs Kong, Halloween Kills, The Hand of God, The Harder They Fall, Her Socialist Smile, Hive, Hope, The Hunt, Isabella, Jockey, Labyrinth of Cinema, Lamb, Land, Lapsis, The Little Things, Luzzu, Malcolm & Marie, Malmkrog, The Many Saints of Newark, The Mauritanian, Mogul Mowgli, Moments Like This Never Last, Nine Days, A Quiet Place Pt. II, Radiograph of a Family, Respect, Red Moon Tide, The Scary of 61st, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Some Kind of Heaven, The Sparks Brothers, Spider-Man: No Way Home, The Strong Ones, Summit of the Gods, Swan Song, Swan Song, Sweet Thing, Swimming Out Til the Sea Turns Blue, Take Me Somewhere Nice, The Tender Bar, Those Who Wish Me Dead, Tina, True Mothers, Two of Us, The White Tiger, The Witches of the Orient, Yellow Cat.

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