June 2019 Viewing Log

  1. Mulholland Drive (01, A): Tommy is having a visceral reaction to the last 45 minutes and I am loving it about as much as I love the movie itself. – 6/1/19
  2. Ghidorah the Three-Headed Monster (65, B): Goofy as fuck monster fights. Pretty fun human nonsense. Charming, even when it’s too silly. 6/1/19
  3. Hedwig and the Angry Inch (01, A-): Streamlines and expands itself beautifully, messy and heartfelt and totally its own. Mitchell! 6/3/19
  4. Climax (19, C+): Lots of achievements and provocations. Compelling if uneven madness. Why does the takeaway feel so slight? 6/5/19
  5. Aniara (19, B+): Existentially dense, adding and evolving its questions as makes fractured, sometimes massive leaps forward in time and space. 6/10/19
  6. Charlie Says (19, B): Empathetic without tricking itself up or denying these women’s actions. Best when it evokes multiple character POVs. 6/15/19
  7. After Hours (85, C+/B-): Engaging energy, but for all its zaniness, best when it’s quietly weird. Escalations play like wheel-spinning. 6/16/19
  8. Watching Finding Nemo with the family and I’m going crazy imagining what confluence of events could’ve gotten Ellen DeGeneres some real awards consideration, or when we’ll ever get a voice-only acting nomination. 6/16/19
  9. Ghost World (01, B/B-): Film best when its affectations are least forced and judgemental. Birch uneven. Buscemi, Johansson nail it. 6/21/19
  10. Sons and Lovers (60, B+): Visual and thematic concepts best when they’re specified to the wants and actions of vibrant, flesh-and-blood people. 6/21/19
    1. Pretty rude that Wendy Hiller spends so much of Sons and Lovers talking about how great Trevor Howard *was* when his coal-smeared self could’ve had this whenever he wanted
    2. Also, I liked Mary Ure pretty well, but how on earth was Heather Sears not nominated? She’s incredible!
  11. Purple Noon (60, B): First third’s experiments with structure and mood continue to pay off. A rough and slippery thriller. 6/22/19
    1. Alain Delon is just too handsome. Too stupidly, ridiculously handsome. And I don’t understand it even a little bit
  12. Booksmart (19, C+/B-): The jokes were easy but so am I. Soundtrack could calm down. Feldstein’s a treasure. Could do better by some actors. 6/23/19
  13. Child’s Play (19, D): I really did spend most of it imagining what the original was like. Flat ideas. Uneven gore. Henry, Hamill deserve better. 6/24/19
  14. When A Woman Ascends The Stairs (60, B+/A-): Thoughtfully keeps exploring new angles on its heroine and her dilemmas. Takamine! 6/24/19
  15. Child’s Play (88, A-): Scary, funny, tonally adroit, brilliantly acted, and tight as hell without ever losing steam. God damn! 6/24/19
  16. The Angry Silence (60, B?): Filmmaking, performances deserve their credit. Interesting on community and masculinity. Anti-union politics rankle. 6/25/19
  17. Elmer Gantry (60, B): Faith, up against your will. Not every element as insightful as it could be but the whole cuts impressively. 6/25/19
  18. Eyes Without a Face (60, B): Moody, unnerving horror story takes a bit to shape up but grows creepier without clearing itself up. Scob! 6/26/19
  19. 3 Faces (19, B+): I’ve never encountered versions of metacinema, community, and art quite like this. Delightfully inventive and considerate. 6/29/19

My ballot for the 2001 Supporting Actress Smackdown was also posted in June. Feel free to check it out!

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