Oscar Nominee Retrospective: Where Were They Then?

In lieu of any actual film classes over the summer I’ve decided that, to keep myself focused on something, I’m going to do a little tour of the filmographies of last year’s acting nominees and pick a film that I’ll watch and write about. With the exceptions of Ronan and Kaluuya, all of these are older films, and with the exception of Plummer, none of them are Oscar nominated performances. All of them are completely new to me, even excluding things I’ve seen but don’t remember well or never finished. There’s no time regiment within this series though, aside from wanting to finish it up before school starts. The Plummer piece centered on All the Money in the World is up right now, and links for the other reviews should be posted once they’re live too.

Mary J. Blige: I Can Do Bad All By Myself
Timothée Chalamet: Hostiles
Willem Dafoe: Tom & Viv
Daniel Day-Lewis: The Ballad of Jack & Rose
Woody Harrelson: Rampart
Sally Hawkins: Submarine
Allison Janney: Drop Dead Gorgeous
Richard Jenkins: I Heart Huckabees
Daniel Kaluuya: Widows
Lesley Manville: Mr. Turner
Frances McDormand: Short Cuts
Laurie Metcalf: Internal Affairs
Gary Oldman: Sid & Nancy
Christopher Plummer: All The Money in the World
Margot Robbie: About Time
Sam Rockwell: Conviction
Saoirse Ronan: Mary Queen of Scots
Octavia Spencer: Get on Up
Meryl Streep: Dark Matter
Denzel Washington: Inside Man

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