February 2018 Viewing Log

  1. Roman J. Israel, Esq. (17, B): Could be better shaped, certainly better crafted. But it’s aiming for a lot of ideas, cast a huge plus. – 2/1/18
    1. Damn, Colin Farrell really is just doing whatever with his accent in Roman Israel
    2. What’s the disconnect between awards voters who noticed how great Denzel and Daniel Kaluuya but not Carmen Ejogo or Allison Williams?
  2. Stormy Weather (43, B-): Seen for class, no tweet. But it’s improved a little in my mind, might give it a higher grade on rewatch – 2/2/18
  3. Annie Hall (77, A+): Amazing that so many different personalities come through and cohere with such a heavy one shaping the film. – 2/3/18
    1. I love that Sinatra’s the dream spectre in this
    2. Can you believe they treated Diane Keaton’s $400 rent in Annie Hall like it’s expensive
  4. Evangelion 2.22 – 2/3/18
  5. Evangelion 3.33 – 2/3/18
  6. Professor Marston and the Wonder Women (17, B): Ease with unconventional sexualities incredibly valuable. Quality leads. Didn’t sit with me in all ways – 2/6/18
  7. The Ornithologist (17, A-): Why do I feel like this makes more sense after seeing Pink Flamingos? Hypnotically strange, fully invested in its ideas – 2/7/18
  8. Coco (17, B): Some strands more original than others, but the whole is totally emotionally gratifying and very, very pretty. – 2/9/18
  9. Loving Vincent (17, C): Aesthetics impress, but Van Gogh and those he orbited stay inchoate. Turns his illness, death to pulp fodder. – 2/9/18
  10. The Gang’s All Here (43, B-): Seen for class, definitely odd. A lot to talk about, maybe not much to recommend. – 2/11/18
  11. Last Men in Aleppo (17, A-): No tweet but once I start posting my ballot you’ll definitely see this. – 2/12/18
  12. Obvious Child (14, B+): Sometimes … . straight people are okay. Ease with abortion practically makes it sci-fi. Funny, poignant as fuck. – 2/13/18
  13. Black Panther (18, C): Incredible there’s a superhero film this black and this African in theaters. Bland plot, and baffling politics. – 2/16/18 (spoiler alert, get ready for a turn-around)
    1. Boy is the monarchy fatally flawed. Weirdly seemed more energized with Killmonger, if not more imaginative. (still kinda stand with the monarchy part tho)
  14. Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool (17, B+): Fuller and more detailed than I expected. Kind but not glossy. Marvelously acted. – 2/16/18
  15. Flashdance (84, C+/B-): Flashdance feels much longer than it is and has some pretty neat dance scenes. I’m sure that that’s all I’ll remember about it in a week – 2/17/18 (tru)
  16. Abacus: Small Enough to Jail (17, B): Strong look at a family undergoing a folly of a trial avoids painting either side in broad strokes – 2/17/18
    1. I already forgot I saw Flashdance
  17. Black Panther (17, B+): What the fuck was I on on Friday? Not perfect, but gorgeous and wrestling with real ideas. – 2/18/18
    1. Both times I watched it I really had the sense everyone making it was so proud of this film, and they damn well should be
  18. A Ciamba (18, A-): Richly sketches a life of crime as it resides in families and communities, and how individuals function in it – 2/19/18
    1. Okay, between this, Fish Tank, and Selfish Giant, what is it about European films with lower class protagonists that horses are ethereal beings or something?
  19. Top Gun (86, C): Polished emptiness flirts with self-parody, but thank fuck it’s not trying to say anything. Pure dumb fun. – 2/20/18
    1. t’s really just so ridiculously macho and bro-y that it winds up right back in the weirdly homoerotic. Jesus
  20. The Square (17, B): Better as series of riffs than cohesive whole. Strong grip on tone. Film about art lacks much visual flair. – 2/20/18
  21. Annihilation (18, B-): Better as series of riffs than cohesive whole. Strong grip on tone. Film about art lacks much visual flair. – 2/23/18
  22. Game Night (18, C): More interesting than the Ready Player One trailer, less so than the Disobedience trailer. –  2/25/18
  23. Cover Girl (44, B+): My estimation may have dropped a liiiittle since discussing it but this was fun. – 2/26/18
  24. When Harry Met Sally (89, A+): Perfectly perfect in every way – 2/26/18
  25. Wonder (17, B): Somehow tougher *and* more generous than I expected. Lovely cast. Cute but not precious. Chbosky’s got a good thing going.- 2/26/18
  26. God’s Own Country (17, B): Somehow no tweet, but it’s romantic and sweet and pretty damn hot. Farming equivalent to CMBYN. See it! – 2/28/18

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